A few rules and guidelines to keep the site healthy:

  • There is no fee to list, buy or sell on this site
  • Listings can be any model vehicle (car/truck/bike etc), road or race, any scale, any manufacturer
  • You do not need to create an account to sell. However, if you do, you then have the advantage of being able to log-in and manage/edit your listings
  • When creating a listing, ensure to checkoff all the relevant categories, otherwise your listing will not be found when people search for items in that category
  • For your advert to be more effective, ensure to include a price
  • Ads will automatically cancel after 60 days
  • If you’ve sold a model, do the right thing and remove the listing (or tell us to remove it)
  • IMPORTANT – has no involvement with any transaction. Buyers & Sellers inherit the full risk of any transaction regarding payment and/or communication and/or delivery etc.